Imperfect Glass Amber Spray Bottle - 500ml

Imperfect Glass Amber Spray Bottle - 500ml

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We pride ourselves on providing our beautiful customers with excellent quality products. If something doesn't meet our expectations, then it's not good enough for you! 

Our latest shipment of 500ml Amber Spray bottles have arrived to us less than perfect. The glass is very minimally scratched...and whilst is does not affect the functionality of the bottles at all, we have extremely high standards and don't want to sell them to you at our current price point.  

We try to be very eco conscious and the idea of wasting these bottles over such minor scratching  just doesn't sit well with us.... so we are offering these bottles at a reduced price as we're sure you will still love them and their imperfections :) 

Our 500ml Amber trigger spray bottles are an essential in every home. Made with thick high quality Amber glass they are a sensible choice for your essential oil based solutions.

They are the perfect bottle for your DIY cleaning sprays, window cleaner, plant spray or even your leave-in hair conditioning spray! 

Add your own labels for a personal touch and keep one in each area of the house for ultimate convenience. 

  • Thick amber glass to keep your oil based mixtures away from direct sunlight 
  • Generous 500ml capacity 
  • Customise with labels for that personal touch