About Us

Welcome to Boujee Bottles! We are so so happy you are here :) We are Shell & Jess... Two essential oil loving, low tox living, small biz running, mum-friends from the sunny central coast!
We have both always had a super keen interest in all things health and wellness,  choosing and using what we thought we more 'natural' and eco products for our families since our little babe's came along. It was only when we were both introduced to the world of essential oils that we REALLY learnt what it meant to live a low tox lifestyle.  We quickly became obsessed with not only the products but the oily way of life so it was only natural that we then both committed to running our own essential oil businesses! Its throughout this experience that we found ourselves ALWAYS on the look out for beautifully designed, yet practical and affordable supplies to support and compliment our use of oils and Low Tox DIY's in everyday life...
And then came BOUJEE BOTTLES! A small, boutique online business for perfume roller bottles and accessories that we purchased together in 2021! 
Our entire purpose is so simple... to bring you a beautiful collection of products that make using your essential oils easy and effortless, everyday.
But we'd be lying if we said we didn't love pretty things... so at Boujee we've got you covered with most gorgeous pieces to ensure you get the most out of your precious oils. 
We hope you love this little space we call our own and truly appreciate you supporting our small business :) It means the world to us. Please reach out if there's anything at all we we can help you with,  we are always down for a chat xx 

Talk soon,
Shell & Jess 



Our ABN is 71 653 566 048, payments you make will display as BOUJEE-BOTTLES in your bank transactions.